Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Featured Artists & Rack Card for Welcome Centers

Just discovered our original blogs have been "archived" and list of participating Featured Artists is no longer available. So, here is a repeat with a few additions.


Ronald Bayens- Auburn, AL http://www.ronaldbayensportraits/

Larry Bishop - Birmingham, AL

Donna Chieves- Birmingham, AL

Greg Little - Oakland Park, FL

Deborah Pellock - Suwanee, GA

Brenda Plunkett - Cave Springs, GA

Jan Polk - Southgate, KY

Dmitriy Proshkin - Chattanooga, TN

Rick Reinert - Charleston, SC

Craig Reynolds - Gadsden, AL

Robin Roberts - Decatur, AL

Linda Steed - Huntsville, AL

Anne Stickney - www.renaissanceartgallery/annestickney.htm

Tommy Thompson - Florence, AL

V...Vaughan - Round Rock, TX

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