Friday, March 27, 2009

Pat Frazier, Volunteer Extraordinaire

Hearts are heavy here at GMA today. Two volunteers who have helped with the planning and organization of the Plein Air Festival from the beginning: Dr. Evelyn Brannon, pictured in an earlier blog was the visionary of the whole event. The other was Pat Frazier, who was willing to do almost anything to make the Festival happen: take photographs, set up appointments, secure venues for socials, or chase down prices. The Plein Air Festival at GMA would not have happened without both their efforts and input.

Evelyn, Pat and I were meeting weekly to make sure everything was being covered. We met on Wednesday, the 25th, and had another scheduled for today. But that won't happen. Pat was killed in an automobile accident last evening. The loss today seems almost unbearable. The photographs you see here were taken at my desk as we hammered out a schedule and timetable for functions.

Dear Pat - life will not be the same without your verve and zest for living. God speed, good friend.

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